Happy Christmas Wrapping

It’s the time of the year again, where that Christmas vibes are everywhere. There are Secret Santa gift exchanges, annual dinner celebrations and all those crazy mega sales.

Whether you are anticipating the New Year countdown, or in the midst of gift-wrapping or simply suffering from a year-end slump; everyone is pretty much occupied with something right now.

With so much going on, let us not forget the little things that really matter. Like, for instance, have you ever wondered where does your Christmas wrapping waste go when you throw it away?

In fact, coloured, laminated and glittered gift papers are not recyclable in most circumstances. Imagine all the fancy gift wraps – which once made you smile – pilling up and slowly deteriorating at the landfills. Oh dear, will that make you smile again?

Image: An example of my all-compostable gift-wrapping idea. Used paper bag, handwritten note with a wooden clip, a dried orange slice + used tea bag string as an ornament.

There’s always a better option, and the choice is up to you. You can use newspapers, magazine pages, catalogues or even a paper bag as gift wrap – they are, after all, recyclable. Fabric such as scarves and handkerchiefs can be an alternative too. You may also reuse gift boxes and ribbons from previous years instead of getting new ones. Just make sure you don’t use sticky tapes!

Above all, ethical gift wrapping practices are advisable throughout the year for birthdays, special occasions and other celebrations. Not only for Christmas.

Let’s celebrate love in a greener way. Happy wrapping and Merry Christmas y’all!

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